I’ve always been a bit of a Magpie, loving old silver and the craftsmanship that went into making it. Sadly though old silver spoons and dishwashers don’t mix; silver toast-racks don’t often find their way onto breakfast tables and more often than not people use tea bags rather than loose-leaf tea and an old silver strainer. As such a lot of old silver is simply melted down to be created into something new, which seems such a shame as so much of it is incredibly beautiful, even though it no longer has a practical use.

I aim to seek out unusual and often unwanted antique silver both in the UK and France and transform it into new and unique pieces to wear. From spoons and toast racks to old tea strainers and quirky French finds, so many things find their way into my workshop and come out as contemporary jewellery, ready to be enjoyed by another generation.

The nice thing is that ‘Every Piece Tells A Story’ – I love to imagine the gossip that may have been shared over a cup of tea being stirred with a dainty silver spoon, or the nimble fingers stitching fine fabric, protected by a silver thimble….. How will their stories continue?