A productive snow-day by the fire.

Looking at the weather this weekend you’d easily think it was December rather than mid March with the Spring Equinox just around the corner. Snow at this time of year seems so out of the ordinary – the daffodils are starting to flower along with the primroses and they have just been covered in a white blanket.

I must admit I would rather be outside, pottering about, going for a walk or even a bike ride, but with the snow falling as it did yesterday all thoughts of that had to go out of the window so the fire was lit and as the boys planned their afternoon of watching the cycling &  rugby I settled down to play with some silver.

Back in the summer I had bought a beautiful old silver filigree bracelet at the wonderful Brocante market in Villeneuve Les Avignon and had been wondering what to do with it since. I tend to buy pieces I think have potential, but more often than not, haven’t got a clue what I’ll actually do with them.

This was quite unusual in that the pretty filigree flowers had been set within an octagonal frame, so would need some thought as to how to set them within a new piece, without damaging the original design. With the weather confining me to the house, I decided that was the day & set to work.

Looking through my other ‘finds’ or collection of junk as I’m sure some people would call it – I found a pretty, but broken Edwardian Mother of Pearl necklace, which had beautiful kite-shaped beads and little rondels too, as well as other natural stones & pearls so plans were hatched & I settled down to play.

I’m sure ‘play’ isn’t really the best word to use for what I do, but it’s such an enjoyable process that it always feels as if I am having some time just to be creative & see where my mind takes me, so play seems to me to be the best way of describing it.

So several hours later I put down the wire, pliers & cutters & took a look at the pieces I had made. Although most of the silver filigree comes from the same piece, all the bracelets are different and each has a character of its own, from the delicate strand of wired Mother of Pearl beads to the more contemporary Moonstone coins.

Filigree & Edwardian Mother of Pearl rondels


A double version with the Edwardian rondels


Filigree with Freshwater Pearls


Filigree chain & Edwardian Mother of Pearl


Filigree & Moonstone


I also took the chance to make some more earrings ahead of my first Fair On Easter Sunday on The Quay in Exeter, again using some of my old finds, to create unique & wearable pieces.

Filigree & Edwardian Mother of Pearl to match the bracelet


Freshwater Pearl & vintage French ‘shells’


Earrings from drops on the Edwardian necklace


To be honest it was a perfect way for me to spend a snowy afternoon, and looking at today’s forecast it may turn out to be another day made for playing!


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