I am one of the least organised people I know – somehow I have managed to stumble through life, following its twists and turns as they have some along, without any real planning being involved at all. that isn’t really the best approach though when trying to manage the business side of making jewellery – I love the creative side, but have to really be disciplined to do the other bits that run hand in hand.

So to take part in a month-long challenge taking place on Instagram through the ‘Hey There Maker’ community is a little out of my comfort zone. If I’d been truly organised I would have managed to put out this post before it actually started, but I suppose ‘better late than never’ and we are only 5 days in, so for me that’s quite good.

The idea of the challenge using #marchmeetthemaker is for creative businesses to tell you a bit about themselves and their work, using (I’m pleased to say) daily prompts that range from ‘How I started’ to ‘ Mistakes’ (yes we do make them) and even the delightful ‘Hands at Work’ (cue a lot of vaseline on the lens for me trying to hide the scagged nails & cuts).

This is a great opportunity to find out a little bit more about the creative processes and the people behind some wonderful businesses. It’s easy to see something and think its really lovely, but to understand the person behind the product makes it so much more personal.

Already by following the hashtag I have discovered some wonderful businesses and learnt more about the people I have already encountered. When you buy a handmade item you are buying from a person, not a large corporate, faceless organisation and knowing a little bit more about that person makes the purchase that little bit more special.

So for the next month if you find yourself with a few minutes to spare don’t just scroll through Instagram aimlessly, please take a look at the #marchmeetthemaker hashtag, or even just follow it and you never know what you’ll find

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