Salt, Mustard or Tea? A spoon for each finger!

One of the reasons that I first started to work with old silver was that I wanted to make myself a piece of jewellery from an old spoon and I quite fancied a new ring. I had seen some before, but often they weren’t silver & more often than not they just felt too chunky, in effect I knew what I wanted, but just hadn’t been able to find it.

Many years ago I had bought an old Mustard Spoon and it had just sat (like so many others) in a drawer, rarely seeing the light of day, so what better to use than that?

spoons in every shape and size


Rather than simply shape the whole spoon, I removed the largest part of the handle, before soldering it and adding some simple silver wire & reclaimed silver balls as decoration. It may have been my first effort, but I was really pleased with the result and it hasn’t left my finger since.


My ring is similar to this one


There is something about the old silver – I can’t really explain it, but it feels softer to the touch and I have been heard to describe it as being buttery in comparison with new silver – although technically in fact there is no difference.

So now I hunt for different spoons to make rings from – using the incredibly decorative handles of some….

The incredible handle on this spoon has become a ring


The simple handles from others…..

The Letter C on this one was perfect for the person who bought it


Or with added stamping……

A spoon handle ring stamped with the name of my husbands favourite cycle climb – Mont Ventoux


The whole spoon ………

Rings made from particularly pretty, complete spoons


I get horribly excited when I find something new and especially when I come across a particularly stylish piece at a French Brocante market – I can’t help but do a happy dance inside when I find something a bit different that I know will work well as a ring.


I loved these shovel shaped spoons – they made great rings


So spoon rings are here to stay – they’re light, easy to wear and are always a bit different, suitable for the thumb, through to the ‘pinkie’, there’s a spoon for every finger.

Back to France next week so I’ll be hunting again to see what else I can find!

Some of my favourite French finds – French vintage style, but contemporary at the same time

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